New comics on labour history

Ballantyne Pier      Stick and Stay

The Graphic History Collective (GHC) is pleased to announce the online publication of two new comics on labour history:

The Battle of Ballantyne Pier, by David Lester


Stick and Stay, They're Bound to Pay: The Flint Strike in Comics, by Ethan Heitner, edited by Paul Buhle

These comics are part of the Graphic History Project, which brings together writers and illustrators to produce, on a volunteer basis, a number of short graphic histories of resistance that illustrate the various ways peoples from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences have fought for economic and social justice. Comics are published on the Graphic History Collective's website and are available for free download:

Other comics currently available on the website explore such topics as the Black Panthers, the Knights of Labor, and French feminist Suzanne Voilquin. Forthcoming comics will examine Filipino women's experiences of Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program, Ontario's Days of Action, and the life of hobo, Wobbly, and Spanish Civil War veteran Bill Williamson, to name just a few. New submissions are always welcome.

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